IAM Academy is the result of my personal experience that I would like to share with the world in order to help modern parents raise a strong and successful generation of children.

It started when I got a spinal compression fracture at the age of six. Despite the doctors’ opinions, my parents believed that some special physical exercises would get me back on my feet, as experience of some famous athletes had shown before. My parents would do anything just to have their son in full health.

Wushu has played an important role in my recovery. I discovered that Wushu was a very harmonious form of martial arts combining different skills and characteristics that would let you switch to any sports of your choice. In other words, Wushu is a great training that makes the body ready for any activities.

Practicing Wushu has helped me develop flexibility, strength, agility, speed, coordination and the ability to master different types of weapons at the most professional level

Thanks to the great efforts of my parents and trainers, not only has I recovered, but I have also become a World Wushu Champion, the first European actor in the most famous Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, a movie actor, as well as a happy husband and dad.

As a result of my difficult and interesting life path that I had had to take, I acquired an incredibly valuable experience and knowledge, which no book has ever had. I sincerely wished to bring my knowledge to the others. This is why I developed and patented a unique methodology of physical development, The Body Intellect, which I started using to teach children. The success of my students led me to the idea of opening a child academy of physical development based on my methodology.

Sincerely yours,
Anton Alexeev.

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Academy of Children's Physical Development